Plenary Talks

Theme Talks

Title Presenter Affiliation
Challenges in understanding space charge dynamics Hannes Bartosik CERN
Beam physics, what is missing for the design and operation of high-power linacs ? Andrei P. Shishlo ORNL
Nonlinear integrable optics to facilitate high intensity operation Alexander Valishev FNAL

Status Talks

Title Presenter Affiliation
Linac4 commissioning status and challenges to nominal operation Giulia Bellodi CERN
Beam dynamics challenges for the LHC and injector upgrades Giovanni Rumolo CERN
Status of the RAON and its Beam Dynamics Ji-Ho Jang IBS
Status of the CSNS Commissioning Sheng Wang IHEP
FRIB: Accelerator Physics Update and Initial Commissioning Qiang Zhao FRIB