How to get to Daejeon


For more information about the Incheon International Airport, please visit their

1) By Limousine Bus

Taking an Airport Limousine Bus will be most convenient to get from the Incheon Int’l Airport to Daejeon. Please know that there are two terminals at Incheon Int’l Airport.

Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport (Asiana Airlines, other airlines)


Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport (Korean Air, AirFrance, Delta, KLM)

Terminal 2 is open from January 18, 2018.



* No reservation is necessary.

*There are four bus stops in Daejeon for the convenience of passengers. Be sure to get off the bus at Daejeon Government Complex which is the third bus stop. Even if you get off at a different stop, do not be alarmed and take a taxi to your hotel.

  1. Take an Airport Limousine Bus from Incheon Int'l Airport to Daejeon. Limousine buses are operating every 20 minutes or more frequently. Please see the table below for additional information.

    Bus Stop Service Time Travel Duration Fare (KRW)
    11 (Terminal 1) 06:00 ~ 23:30 ~150 minutes 23,100
    5~10 (Terminal 2) 06:00 ~ 23:30 ~150 minutes 23,100
  2. Take a Taxi from Daejeon Government Complex to your Hotel (~6,000 KRW and ~15 minutes).

2) By Train
Route:   Incheon Int'l Airport → (Seoul Train Station) → Daejeon Train Station → Hotels

KTX train operating directly from Incheon Airport (the Haengsin station) to Daejeon is not very frequent. If your arrival time is not convenient to take the KTX train from the Incheon Airport, please take an AREX train to move to the Seoul Train Station to take a KTX train.

  • Take a KTX Train from Seoul Train Station to Daejeon Train Station: You can book a ticket by yourself via the website of KORAIL ( or can buy the ticket at the Seoul Train Station (~24,000 KRW and ~60 minutes).

  • Take a taxi to your hotel (~12,000 KRW and ~30 minutes) once you arrive at Daejeon Station.

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